Information concerning genre, subgenre and tropes would be helpul. Apart from that, screenshots of already existing covers, illustrations or movie stills that you think fit your story would help too, to get the mood and the overall direction down right from the beginning.  After having all that I will do a first sketch that I will develop - together with you - to the final cover.
In case you don't know similar covers or other inspirational material I will orient myself to the given genre / subgenre.
For further questions please use the following email address:
To beginn with you should fill out the form and send me a few similar covers plus some material that you like and you think fits your story.
In case you'd like to commission me later, we can work out all the details.
After you have sent the form I will have a look and tell you a price for the project, as soon as I can.
Again, for further questions, please use the following email address:
As soon as you decide to commission the cover I'll send you my paypal address for the down payment of 50% of the agreed upon price. I will start working on your project after the money is on my account. When it is finished and you approve it, you pay the rest of the amount and I will send you the files.
Thanks for your interest. I wish you all the best and a lot of success for your novel.
c/o Erich Schreiner
Hallerstraße 4, 94032 Passau
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